Answer the first question

Are You familiar with these sites?

I'm sure they know very well.

And now answer the second question

How many they took your hard-earned bitcoins?


I am sure that quite a lot.

And answer the third main question

Have You ever wanted to make exactly the same website and return all my money?


Give a hand to trim what You thought about it. BUT. most likely didn't know where to start ...

Happened to me exactly the same story as with You. I put bitcoins in such a project and of course lost everything. Yes, I admitted to myself that I was duped and taught a very good life lesson. Then I began to study this type of fraud and was amazed how widespread it is. And it even has its own name... HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) which translates as "high-yield investment program". And they work on all PHP scripts. You can write your own (if you know how to program) or buy ready-made solutions.

So to create such HYIP sites you will need only three components:

1. Domain name for your website

2. Website hosting

3. The script of the site

If the first two points all are clear (go to the website of any domain Registrar, such as, and buy a domain name and hosting), with the third paragraph of problems. The Internet is not so easy to find and buy the necessary scripts...

But we can help You

We gathered in one place all the best HYIP scripts.

We have both paid and free scripts. All are tested and already installed on many sites.

Every script is a text description for installing it on hosting (specifically hosting-provider

All You need is to follow the enclosed instructions.

For Your and our security all archives are stored on an external trusted resource which You can read in the Internet a lot of positive feedback.

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